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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Journalism, Social Justice Journalism, B.S.

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Journalism and Strategic Media  
Jennifer Woodard, program coordinator

The concentration in Social Justice Journalism focuses on the historic role of journalists and journalism as watchdogs observing and reporting on government and societal actions. The concentration offers journalists an understanding of how to report on the issues of communities whose stories of injustice and mistreatment receive little to no attention in the press. This concentration will form a basis of understanding in young reporters’ minds as to why coverage of the oppressed is necessary and required by a journalist’s duty to the First Amendment and to the longstanding principles outlined by professional press organizations.

Students should check the prerequisites for each course.

Academic Map

Following is a printable, suggested four-year schedule of courses:

Journalism, Social Justice Journalism, B.S., Academic Map  

Degree Requirements

General Education 41 hours
Major Requirements 50 hours*
Minor 15-18 hours
Electives 11-17 hours
TOTAL 120 hours

*This program requires courses that can also fulfill requirements of the General Education curriculum. If program requirements are also used to fulfill General Education requirements, the number of elective hours will increase.  

General Education (41 hours)

General Education requirements (shown in curricular listings below) include courses in Communication, History, Humanities and/or Fine Arts, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social/Behavioral Sciences.

The following course required by the program meet General Education requirements:

Major Requirements (50 hours)

School of Journalism and Strategic Media Core (14 hours)

Social Justice Concentration (12 hours)

Professional Topics (15 hours)

Required Minor (15-18 hours)

  • Students should select a minor in Sociology (Social Justice minor) or Political Science.

Electives (11-17 hours)

  • Students in the School of Journalism and Strategic Media (SOJSM) must complete 50 hours in liberal arts and sciences including General Education requirements and one minor from outside SOJSM. Students must select at least nine hours of liberal arts/social sciences (beyond General Education); at least six hours of liberal arts/social science electives must come from courses at the 3000-level or higher.

Curriculum: Journalism, Social Justice Journalism

Curricular listings include General Education  requirements in Communication, History, Humanities and/or Fine Arts, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social/Behavioral Sciences categories.

Majors must have a C (2.00) or better in all Media and Entertainment courses.

Freshman Fall

Subtotal: 15 Hours

Freshman Spring

Subtotal: 16 Hours

Sophomore Fall

Subtotal: 16 Hours

Sophomore Spring

Subtotal: 15 Hours

Junior Fall

Subtotal: 15 Hours

Junior Spring

Subtotal: 15 Hours

Senior Fall

Subtotal: 15 Hours

Senior Spring

Subtotal: 13 Hours

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