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2011-12 Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-12 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Women’s and Gender Studies Minor

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Newtona (Tina) Johnson, Director
The Women’s and Gender Studies Program offers the Women’s and Gender Studies minor to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of gender issues and the position of women in society. The program encourages a historically grounded comparative, global feminist perspective. All courses are informed by theories of the social construction of gender and address issues of diversity including race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, nationality, age, and/or ability. The program emphasizes an interactive learning process and promotes scholarly research. Students may minor in one of two tracks: Women’s Studies or Gender Studies.

Upon selecting the Women’s and Gender Studies minor, students should complete a Minor Information Form and obtain advising through the program director.

General Requirements

All students considering a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies should take WGST 2100  as part of General Education requirements. All minors (both tracks) must also take WGST 4500  (completion of WGST 2100  and junior/senior standing required) plus 12 additional hours within an interdisciplinary structure as described below.

Women’s Studies Track

The Women’s Studies track focuses on women’s lives, thoughts, and social positions. The track consists of courses taught from a feminist perspective, within historical and contemporary contexts, incorporating multinational, multicultural, and multiracial points of view.

In addition to WGST 2100  and WGST 4500 , minors taking the Women’s Studies track must complete one additional program (WGST) course plus 9 hours of electives from the full list below. Students may take no more than 3 hours per major field/department.

Gender Studies Track

The Gender Studies track consists of courses that take a feminist approach to offer students knowledge and experience that facilitate intelligent and informed choice and communication regarding the socially constructed meaning of gender and gender issues within our multicultural, globalized society.

In addition to WGST 2100  and WGST 4500 , minors taking the Gender Studies track must complete either SOC 3400  or ANTH 3750  and 6 hours of electives from the following courses: ANTH 3710  (“Language and Gender” only); ANTH 3750  (if not taken for above requirement); CDFS 4140 /SOC 4140 ; CDFS 4340 ; COMM 3225 ; COMM 4800  (“Gayspeak, Communication, and Film” only); EMC 4800 /JOUR 4800  (“Race and Gender in the Mass Media” only); ENGL 3885 ; SOC 3400  (if not taken for above requirement)l; WGST 4213  (“Gender and Horror”); plus 3 hours from the full list of courses below.



Not all sections of a given course will earn Women’s and Gender Studies credit; see online schedule for each term’s approved offerings.

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