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2015-16 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-16 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Philosophy, B.S.

Department of Philosophy 
Ron Bombardi, program coordinator

The major in Philosophy consists of 30 semester hours of philosophy courses including PHIL 2110 , PHIL 4010 , and PHIL 4020 .

All students pursuing a major within this department must complete the General Education requirements. Two minors are required.

Following is a suggested pattern of study; however, consultation with the assigned advisor is necessary before each registration.

Curriculum: Philosophy, B.S.

Curricular listings include General Education  requirements in Communication, History, Humanities and/or Fine Arts, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social/Behavioral Sciences categories.


Subtotal: 32 Hours


Subtotal: 30 Hours


  • PHIL electives 6 credit hours
  • Minor electives 12 credit hours
  • General electives 12 credit hours

Subtotal: 30 Hours


Subtotal: 28 Hours

Total hours in program: 120

Academic Map

Following is a printable, suggested four-year schedule of courses:

Philosophy, B.S., Academic Map