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2015-16 Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-16 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Early Childhood Education, B.S.

Department of Elementary and Special Education 
Cheryl Hitchcock, program coordinator

The curriculum for the major in Early Childhood Education offers preparation for teachers in the area of early childhood education and to meet the Tennessee requirements for licensure to teach pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first through third grades. Emphasis is placed on the development of the young child within the context of the family and on integrating developmentally appropriate practice within educational settings.*

*NOTE: A grade of C- or higher is required for all ECE courses.

Curriculum: Early Childhood Education

Curricular listings include General Education  requirements in Communication, History, Humanities and/or Fine Arts, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social/Behavioral Sciences categories.

6 hours from:

Subtotal: 33 Hours


Subtotal: 33 Hours

Subtotal: 31 Hours

Subtotal: 27 Hours

Total hours in program: 124

Academic Map

Following is a printable, suggested four-year schedule of courses:

Early Childhood Education, B.S., Academic Map