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2014-15 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-15 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Middle East Studies Minor

Director: Allen Hibbard, Department of English

The interdisciplinary minor in Middle East Studies (one dimension of the MTSU Middle East Center mission) provides students with opportunities to become better acquainted with the Middle East, a region of the world that increasingly has become a major force in international affairs. Students have opportunities to learn about the history of the Middle East from the distant past to the present in addition to the people, culture, geography, language, art, music, and economics of the region. This coherent set of courses provides a foundation for students wishing to do graduate work in Middle East Studies or pursue careers with businesses, NGOs (nongovernmental organizations), and other organizations with operations in the Middle East.

The minor requires 18 semester hours within an interdisciplinary structure. All students pursuing the minor are required to take 9 hours from the core and 9 hours from the general electives.

Required Courses (9 hours)

Select two from the following:

Two courses (6 hours) in Middle East languages. Languages such as Farsi, Turkish, and Pashto may also be considered for transfer credit with approval from minor advisor. Currently, the following are offered at MTSU:


No more than two courses (6 hours) of electives may be taken in any ONE discipline.