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2014-15 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-15 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environment and Human Society Minor

Advisor: Lynn Nelson, Department of History

The interdisciplinary minor in Environment and Human Society helps students who want to explore their relationship with the natural world in ways other than advanced scientific research. Students taking this minor will have the opportunity to look at many different aspects of our attempts to understand and solve environmental problems. Classes are offered in anthropology, biology, English, environmental science and technology, geography, history, journalism, philosophy, and recreation and leisure services. Students considering pursuing a career focusing on environmental matters, those in the sciences hoping to broaden their understanding of environmental issues, or anyone interested in learning more about humanity’s relationship with the environment should consider this minor.

The Environment and Human Society minor requires 18 semester hours from the following courses. Students may not count more than 6 hours in any one department, or more than 6 hours of classes offered through the College of Basic and Applied Sciences. Other specific requirements are explained below.

Required Courses (18 hours)

 Select 18 hours from the following:


* Environmental science class; students must complete 3 hours from one of these courses.
** Regional geography class. Students can only count 3 hours toward a minor.
*** Special topics class. Content and projects must meet the mission of the Environment and Human Society minor. Check with the minor advisor for the applicability of each class.