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2012-13 Graduate Catalog 
2012-13 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Curriculum and Instruction, Elementary Education Concentration, Ed.S.

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Kathleen Burriss, Program Director
(615) 898-2680

The Department of Elementary and Special Education  offers the Specialist in Education degree with a major in Curriculum and Instruction and a concentration in Elementary Education.

Please see undergraduate catalog for information regarding undergraduate programs.

Admission Requirements

Students seeking admission to the Specialist in Education program are expected to score at least 397 on the Miller Analogies Test or 291 (current scale) or 800 (former scale) on the Graduate Record Examination.

Applicant must

  1. hold a master’s degree;
  2. have a minimum of three years teaching experience in an elementary setting;
  3. have an initial conference with an appropriate graduate advisor in the Department of Elementary and Special Education.

Application Procedures

All application materials are to be submitted to the College of Graduate Studies.

Applicant must

  1. submit an application with the appropriate application fee (online at www.mtsu.edu/graduate/apply.php);
  2. submit official scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Miller Analogies Test (MAT);
  3. submit official transcripts of all previous college work.

Degree Requirements

The Specialist in Education in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Elementary Education requires completion of a total of 30 hours.

Candidate must

  1. successfully complete a thesis pertaining to an area of emphasis within the scope of elementary education;
  2. successfully complete an oral defense.

Curriculum: Curriculum and Instruction, Elementary Education

  Candidate must complete 30 hours in the following course of study:

Specialized Courses (9 hours)

Cognate (12 hours)

Four courses (12 hours) may be identified outside the Curriculum and Instruction major. A candidate may choose four courses (12 hours) in the curriculum and instruction discipline. Electives include:

Program Notes

Any course requiring admission to Teacher Education may require observations, case studies, or other time in K-6 classes. Requirements for licensure should be checked in the Teacher Licensing Office.

Candidate must

  1. file a degree plan in the College of Graduate Studies prior to completion of 21 semester hours credit;
  2. file a Notice of Intent to Graduate form in the College of Graduate Studies within the first two weeks of the term in which the student intends to graduate.

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