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2012-13 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-13 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Foreign Languages, French Concentration, B.A.

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Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures 

A major in Foreign Languages consists of 35 semester hours in one language (excluding 1010) and must include at least 20 hours of upper-division work. Students must select one of three concentrations: French, German, or Spanish.

Students choosing the French concentration are required to take FREN 3010 , FREN 3040 , FREN 3080 , either FREN 3050 FREN 3060 ,  FREN 3070 , or FREN 3110 , and two 4000-level courses. Native speakers of French will substitute FREN 3110  or an additional 4000-level course for FREN 3010  and FREN 3040 .

Majors should choose HUM 2610 - Foreign Literature in Translation  to satisfy part of the General Education Humanities and/or Fine Arts requirements.

Before beginning the junior year, the student should file a degree plan with his or her advisor.

Curriculum: Foreign Languages, French

Curricular listings include General Education  requirements in Communication, History, Humanities and/or Fine Arts, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social/Behavioral Sciences categories.


Subtotal: 29 Hours


Subtotal: 30 Hours


Subtotal: 31 Hours


Subtotal: 30 Hours

Total hours in program: 120

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