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2016-17 Graduate Catalog 
2016-17 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Graduate Council and Graduate Faculty

Graduate Council Mission Statement

The Graduate Council plays a crucial role in the oversight and planning of all MTSU graduate courses and graduate degree programs, in establishing criteria for the appointment and reappointment of graduate faculty, in assessing graduate student issues and concerns, and in recommending to the dean of the College of Graduate Studies University-wide policies and procedures for implementation. The Graduate Council advises in the modification of existing programs and in the approval and implementation of any new programs. All student activities leading to advanced degrees proceed under policies and regulations established and reviewed by academic programs, the Graduate Council, and the College of Graduate Studies.

The Graduate Council provides leadership in the pursuit of excellence in scholarly activity and serves as an advocate in obtaining resources for graduate programs. Only full-time MTSU faculty holding membership on the graduate faculty may serve on the Graduate Council. Council members are appointed by the president to serve three-year terms with three representatives per college. Two graduate student representatives who meet all graduate academic standards are also appointed. To ensure continuity and institutional memory in the creation and implementation of policies and procedures, one third of the council members rotate off each year and are replaced by six new faculty members representing each college. Graduate students are appointed to the council each academic year, and the graduate college dean, associate graduate college dean, and the six academic deans serve as ex officio members. The vice chair, who conducts meetings in the absence of the chair and who serves as chair-elect, is elected annually. The chair, in consultation with the dean of the College of Graduate Studies, is responsible for setting the council’s agenda.

Graduate Faculty Membership 

Only graduate faculty members are eligible to teach 5000/6000/7000-level courses and serve on thesis or dissertation committees. Only members with doctoral endorsement are eligible as dissertation committee chairs. Full members are eligible to serve as thesis committee chairs.

Adjunct Membership

This category applies to part-time adjunct faculty and individuals who are not MTSU faculty members but have specific expertise pertinent to graduate programs. The period of appointment is three years and may be renewed in accordance with Graduate Council criteria. Adjunct members may not direct a doctoral dissertation or a master’s thesis but may serve as a committee member/reader. These members are not listed in the graduate catalog. Adjunct faculty membership means that the individual

  • holds the terminal degree in the field(s);
  • has provided evidence of qualifications to execute assignments successfully;
  • has been recommended by the department chair, the college dean, and Graduate Council; and
  • has been approved by the dean of the College of Graduate Studies.

Graduate Faculty Listing

A complete listing of current graduate faculty members can be found at www.mtsu.edu/graduate/faculty/gradfaculty.php.