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2017-18 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-18 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Science, Health Science Concentration, Pre-Physical Therapy Curriculum, B.S.

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College of Basic and Applied Sciences

Many students hope to complete a degree in pre-medicine, pre-physical therapy, or pre-occupational therapy. However, these are not majors at MTSU. These are pathways through a major by which the student acquires the science background necessary to prepare an application to the professional school of choice. Students interested in these pathways may choose any major provided they complete the required prerequisite courses. Choosing a science major gives the applicant the advantage of a greater scientific breadth and depth of knowledge over non-science majors on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and other entrance exams. Since the required science courses coincide closely with requirements for the Biology, Chemistry, or Biochemistry majors, a large percentage of successful applicants choose one of these areas. However, any major will suffice as long as the minimum prerequisite courses are completed. Additional required or recommended courses are subject to change and vary among professional schools and programs. While regular consultation with a pre-professional advisor and faculty mentor is highly recommended and encouraged, it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to become aware of course requirements and other conditions needed to make a successful application to professional school. With careful planning the required and recommended courses can be combined with the coursework needed for the major resulting in steady progress toward completion of a bachelor’s degree and an application to professional school.

Pre-Professional Health Science Programs

Undergraduate requirements, admissions testing, application processes, and the requirement for an interview vary considerably among the professional programs. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that pre-professional students discuss their programs at least once per semester with their assigned pre-professional health science advisors in Davis Science Building 120.

Minimum Requirements: Science, Health Science, Pre-Physical Therapy

The requirements listed below are minimum recommendations based on the standards for admission to most of the listed professional programs. Because there may be specific requirements that vary among institutions and are subject to change, students should use the lists only for comparison of programs during the initial selection of the career path to follow. Students should frequently consult their pre-professional advisors to keep abreast of the requirements at the institutions and programs of interest. To increase the strength of the applicant’s academic credentials, the completeness of the application, and to plan a strategy for successful admission frequent contact with the assigned pre-professional health science advisor is highly recommended.


Applicants must complete the GRE, either junior or senior year.

Recommended electives: EXSC 3830 /EXSC 3831  and PHED 4910 .

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