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2013-14 Graduate Catalog 
2013-14 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics, Middle Grade Mathematics Concentration, M.S.T.

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Michaele Chappell, M.S.T. Program Director
(615) 898-2393

The Department of Mathematical Sciences  offers the Master of Science with a major in Mathematics, the Master of Science in Teaching with a major in Mathematics, and a minor in Mathematics at the graduate level.

Three concentrations are offered under the Master of Science: General Mathematics, Industrial Mathematics, and Research Preparation. For those interested in teaching, two concentrations are offered under the Master of Science in Teaching: Middle Grade Mathematics and Secondary Mathematics.

The department also offers courses in the Master of Science in Professional Science degree. Students interested in a concentration in Biostatistics  should refer to the Master’s of Science in Professional Science program.

Please see undergraduate catalog for information regarding undergraduate programs.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Master of Science in Teaching with a concentration in Middle Grade Mathematics program requires

  1. an earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college;
  2. an acceptable grade point average for all college work taken;
  3. a valid elementary teaching certificate;
  4. one-year teaching experience;
  5. completion of the GRE or MAT with acceptable scores (MAT score generally expected to meet or exceed 402).

NOTE: Any candidate not meeting these requirements may petition to the Mathematics Education Graduate Admissions Committee.

NOTE: Candidates seeking initial licensure must meet the major requirements, satisfy a professional education component, and meet discipline-related requirements. The candidate should contact the chair of the Womack Family Educational Leadership Department for the professional education component and the chair of the Department of Mathematical Sciences for the discipline-related requirements.

Application Procedures

All application materials are to be submitted to the College of Graduate Studies.

Applicant must

  1. submit application with the appropriate application fee (online at;
  2. submit official scores on the GRE or MAT;
  3. submit official transcripts of all previous college work;
  4. submit two letters of recommendation.

Degree Requirements

Candidate must

  1. complete 36 hours of graduate courses (see Curriculum section below for specifics);
  2. complete at least 21 hours at the 6000 level;
  3. successfully complete a comprehensive examination (may be taken no more than twice).

Curriculum: Mathematics, Middle Grade Mathematics

Candidate must complete 36 hours in the following course of study:

Concentration (15 hours)

 Selected from:

Cognate (12 hours)

Twelve (12) hours in the College of Education (determined by the departments of Mathematical Sciences, Educational Leadership, and Elementary and Special Education).

Program Notes

Candidate must

  1. file a degree plan in the College of Graduate Studies prior to the completion of 21 credit hours;
  2. file a Notice of Intent to Graduate form in the College of Graduate Studies within the first two weeks of the term in which candidate intends to graduate.

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